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Due to the bad weather, we are CANCELING our Open House today. Please call the school to schedule a private tour! We are sorry for any inconvenience this might
cause. Phone Number and email are below. Thank you!

Open house Announcement!!

Our Open House is scheduled for Feb. 15th from 2-5 pm. Come in for a 15 minute walk through to see the school and hear about the program. If you have any questions please email or call the school!

WE are getting all ready for the upcoming school year and are so excited for all the amazing adventures in learning we have planned for your children. WE have attached a power point presentation with all information for the upcoming school year, items needed, and important info for all families.
WE have decided not to go with early billing because of the uncertainty of months ahead. However, if you wish to pay at open house with an estimated amount for your days or just a deposit from Aug 31-Sept 30 you may do so. But it not required. You will receive one bill at the end of each month. You may make payments during the month and these will be credited and put your invoice.
Open house information is also on the PowerPoint. It is on Saturday, August 22. Times are on the pp.
I have attached the paperwork again just in case any family has lost the previous emails along with the calendar.
Lastly, we will be kicking off the school year with our Diamond Fundraiser. There are over 200 items to pick from on the online catalog. The flyer and information is attached to this email as well. You may opt out of the fundraiser if you wish. There is an opt fee of $ 125.00. No limit on how many items to be ordered. This is crucial to the financial running of our center and we greatly appreciate everyone’s support with this.
Looking forward in seeing everyone on August 22. Please call with any questions. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Happy days ahead!
Your MGP teachers and Ms. Gina
1. ALL paperwork turned in before school begins. Can be dropped off in box outside building door. With exception of medical which you have 30 days after your child is enrolled.
2. COVID paperwork signed and initialed.
3. First day of school: Labeled with name/ Ziplock bag with one box of crayons, 8 markers or more, 4 glue sticks, and one expo marker. Also, our yearly supplies (2 rolls of papertowels, 1 box kleenex, 1 box of 5 ounce dixie cups (no more use of drinking fountain), 1 box of baby wipes or lysol wipes, and 1 can of lysol spray or generic type.)

Our thoughts, prayers, and good wishes for all families in remaining healthy and getting through this challenging time. Please feel free to reach me directly through REMIND text or email if you need to speak to me directly. Thank you!
Visit the SUMMIT COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT for the latest on the virus and procedures.

Our Mission & Approach

At Miss Gina’s Preschool, we help to nurture and promote age appropriate development in the cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical growth. We focus on the whole child. We provide a stimulating environment that encourages and facilitates the love of learning through the guidance of professional educators, peers and parents.

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