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We have opened a new and exciting educational program and quality care for the infant/toddler child. Please call the school directly for information on this program, tours, and availability.

Miss Gina’s Preschool Open House letter and Confirmation: 2022-2023 school year
Hello!! We are very excited about the new school year and our plans for the school year. Please read the following open house letter and make sure you can attend the open house. If you cannot make the open house Saturday, then please call the school for a time that is convenient for you. ALL PAPERS AND SUPPLIES ARE DUE BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS FOR ALL CHILDREN.
August 6 (Saturday) from 10-1pm. (please call school to make appt if you CAN’T make this date) WE will be having a CARNIVAL for the kids with bouncy house, cotton candy, and hotdogs at OPENHOUSE.
*YOU WILL pick up folder (please decorate with pictures or whatever you choose), visit classroom, meet teachers (very informal) AND DROP OFF ALL PAPERS DUE. No child can start first day without.
(this is NOT an day for interviews or tours with teachers etc…)
*your child is expected to bring at open house (not first day of school):
• Boys: 2 boxes of Kleenex, 2 rolls papertowels, 1 Lysol box wipes, 2 cans lysol
• Girls: 2 boxes of 5 ounce dixie cups, 2 rolls papertowels, 1 package baby wipes, 2 cans lysol
OR BYPASS BRINGING SUPPLIES and bring $15 gift card to Marcs or Wal-Mart
• Your child is to put in a LARGE ZIPLOCK BAG: one box markers, one small box of crayons, 2 glue sticks with their NAME ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE BAG. This will be kept in their cubby for their crafts. It helps eliminate the sharing of markers etc…and spread of germs. WE will replenish supplies if needed throughout the year.
• Folder can be decorated with pictures etc…BUT PLEASE PUT THEIR NAME on it and have it in your childs bookbag the first day of school. Please have their name written the way you want them to learn to write it. You will receive this communication FOLDER at open house.
Parents please make sure:
1. Attend open house or schedule a day in August
2. Opened and acknowledged the parent packet via email that was sent to you upon enrollment
3. Bring your supplies at open house and child ziplock art bag
4. Have received an email verifying your registration by July 15th
5. Download your medical form and have your childs physical exam within this year. Past medicals will expire one year from physical. School age children are not required for medicals.
6. If your child has allergy or medical plan then 4 forms will need to be filled out by you and your doctor: administration of medication and medical care plan. Please download or ask at open house and we will have them ready.
7. If your child is being transported to and from Richardson and Woodridge, a field trip form was sent to you via email and must be returned BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS.
8. Downloading all the forms needed for school which were sent via email
9. Child has a bookbag the first day of school with change of clothes and folder they decorated with them.
10. YOUR FIRST PAYMENT DUE will be the last week of September. You will receive a bill every 4 weeks via email. You may make a deposit at openhouse or make payments during the weeks. YOU MAY PAY VENMO, CASH APP, PAYPAL, CHECK, OR CASH. ALL PAYMENT INFORMATION AND NAMES OF THESE ACCOUNTS WILL BE SENT IN AN EMAIL