Miss Gina's Preschool


SUMMER REGISTRATION 2020 – all students preschool-age 13
OUR SUMMER CAMP THEME: CHEF/cooking camp and Olympics
During THE ENTIRE SUMMER, but focusing on the camp weeks, our center will have its themes based on HEALTH, COOKING, AND EXERCISE DAILY. Our camp days will include the visitors and our trips out of the center. Here is our outline below: TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY
*Health: body awareness/healthy food choices/yoga and medidation
*COOKING Stations: Learning about cooking healthy, healthy habits, and CHEFS cooking weekly with students.
*OLYMPICS/EXERCISE: Daily Yoga, exercise (inside and outside trips), dance, and Olympic obstacles
FIELD TRIPS: Pump it up, World Elite, Bowling, Restaurants, Food banks, Parks
Visitors: Chefs, Fitness Instructors, Yoga Studio, World Elite, Cheerleaders, Karate
Summer rehab: going over schoolwork for year, reading, and polishing up. READING EVERYDAY!
For those attending on Monday and Friday, we will have Bowling, World Elite here. This will also be a day of free art, play, and summer fun.
If you have two or more children in this summer program, please just list their name under the area provided with birthdate etc… Only one registration fee per family is required. The registration fee is $10.00. All field trips, special events, etc…are NOT included in tuition. Tuition for summer program goes as follows: $20.00 for half day (anything under 4.5 hrs) and $40.00 for all day. Children picked up by 3:00 will be charged $ 30.00. You do not pay for the days your child does not come, however, if you don’t call them off by 8 am then you will be charged for that day of attendance. After 5:30 late charges of $10.00. Everyone will be charged daily. (Half or full day only). You will be billed every 3 weeks. You will not be charged for vacation days or sick days as long as they have been called in and noted. If you do not call before 8 am or email you will be charged.
Camp is offered for all PRE-K AND SCHOOLAGE CHILDREN. Although the school will carry the theme for all children to explore and learn, the only children that can attend the trips outside of the school are Pre-k going into Kindergarten in the fall and school-age children.3’s and 4’s will also be able to join the cooking and obstacle events and all will be developmentally appropriate for each age group. They will also attend all in house visitors and stations.
You may provide any summer work papers for your child to work on here during some tutor time.

Please fill out the attached form AND KEEP THIS ONE.

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Childs name__________________birthdate_________________grade going into:_____
Other child:_________________
PARENTS EMAIL:_____________repeat email:____________parents name:__________
Address_________________________PHONE NUMBERs:______________________
Allergy Medical Plan needed: yes or no Medical on file: yes or no

DAYS NEEDED: (please circle) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
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