Miss Gina's Preschool

​​February Curriculum 2022:
Our focus will be on story creating and journaling. Getting our words to paper and finding the graphic and phonetic/whole language meaning of those words. With this, we will incorporate Fairy Tales that will encourage creative thought and expression. We will also begin patterns and sequencing and understanding the concept of relation, order, and place value. Corresponding with objects, matching words to pictures, and story sequencing daily.
Week 1 1;/31-2/4: Letter Qq writing, search, sounds. Fairy tales/3 pigs, 3 Billy goats, and 3 bears. Understanding first, second, and third. And concepts Small, Medium, and Large. Comparing sizes (team tables) and following directions with storytelling and critical thought on paper.
Week 2 2/7-2/11: Letter Rr, writing, search, sounds. Fairy Tales/Little Red Riding Hood, Bremen Town Musicians, Jack in the Beanstalk. Music center with different instruments using to our favorite Nursery Rhymes learned in January. Math centers continue daily along with our above concepts. Learning about European Fairy Tales and their cultures and foods). Hearing music from different countries, trying foods, and the day in the life of an European Child.
Week 3 2/14-2/18: Letter Ss, sounds, writing, and search. Fairy Tales/Stone Soup, Hansel and Gretle, and African Fairy Tales. Learning about Africa (culture, foods, and stories). Hearing music from different countries, trying foods, and the day in the life of an African Child. Math and Journaling continues.
VALENTINE PARTIES: On Monday and Tuesday the 14th and 15th. Please bring your cards in the week before or on their party day. WEAR: red/black/purple/gray/pink or any Valentine color. Lunch and snacks provided each day.
Week 4 2/21-2/25: Letter Tt, sounds, writing, and search. Fairy Tales/ The Tortoise and the Hare, Indian Folk Tales, and acting out those we have learned in their group. Journaling and Math centers conclude with sequencing/patterns and quizzing children on what they have learned by picture association and demonstration.
No school on Monday, February 21