Miss Gina's Preschool

We will be continuing our Kindergarten Screening. Please continue working with your child on their letters, numbers, corresponding, and sounds. Activity packets are here at school so we can add and work on them. New packets and games have been given to those that are still working on recognition.
Kindergarten Screening reports will be sent out the end of April
Practice for Graduation each day!
Week 1: April 6-9 Hat week (wear different hats all week)
Letter Ww, sounds, search and writing. Making human bodies with the letter W
Science: Water (liquid) ice (solid) what makes ice melt? Trying different experiments to see what makes it melt faster
Worm book (read together and doing questions in group at the end)
Literacy: What, Where, Why, and When. Using them in sentences and understanding questions. Learning how to answer a question with word cards/picture cards. Using boards to chart which would work best
Math: Teen number and corresponding with watermelon seeds
Theme: Jungle animals (Who and what are endangered?
Sheets: All wet, counting kittens, and W sound sheets
Week 2: April 12-16- FAVORITE SPORT WEEK. Wear your favorite team!
Letter Xx sounds, writing. Pop stick creations with X.
Science: What is inside our bodies? How do we see our bones (x-ray shared to figure out what body part they are)
Jungle Animals and Endangered Animals continued.
Math: Counting backwards and what numbers are before and after the numbers
Literacy: Listening for the ending sound. Using pic cards and word games
Letter Yy sounds, writing and search.
Review Concept Week: Opposites, Concept weeks, graphing, and patterns
Weekly Readers/ FARM ANIMAL WEEK (tasting foods from a farm -cheese, honey, bacon, veggies and much more!
Eric Carle Week: Sharing all his books and making stories, creating new endings, crafts, and much more.
Sheets: pizza time, I spy the animals, ending sounds
Week 4: April 26- 30 – Dress like your Mom or Dad all week (only if you want)
Letter Zz, sound, search, and writing
Theme: Zoo room opens and children begin their exploring
Zoo exploration and recapping the entire week about Animals, their habitats, and what is a mammal?