Miss Gina's Preschool

​​PRE-K August/September Curriculum (for parents)
We are so excited to begin this New Year together as a school family. The next few weeks we will be discussing friendship, family, separation, and school rules and goals for the year.
SHARE AND TELL IS EVERY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY. Children are encouraged to bring a special toy or something from home to share. WE will let them share with words and walk around the group and hold it for all to see.
Say the pledge, say our abc, count to 20, count to 20 in Spanish, do the days of the week and sing the friendship song.
Circle time will also have the concept letter with a book, an introduction of what we are doing for the day, and a game to get the day started with music or dance.
Week 1: August 23-27
Social: friendship songs, videos (who will be my friend today), (Kelly brings the wrong lunch box), (The friends have different opinions) and (who ruined my sand castle?). And stories about first days of schools and meeting new friends. Social activities to help one another learn names, things about their friends, and crafts that encourage children to work together.
Cognitive: Going over rules and manners of the school. Learning about the stations and what is expected in each center and how good choices bring rewards of extra play time.
Creative: Friendship bracelets, family placemats, color charts for behavior here and at home, name boards to keep in their files and much more.
Emotional: Sharing stories about separating from family and how fun school is and how to share what we do each day.
Physical: Name dancing, boy and girl dance, outdoor play, and parachute fun with bean bags.
Week 2:August 30-3
(Will repeat many of the friendship/family games and songs but new books and activities in craft centers.
Cognitive: Letter Aa (sound, search, sign language and writing journals)
Math/numbers 1-5 all week. Counting, writing, and corresponding.
Concept: We will pick one word out of the dictionary each week and have the children learn what it means. We will also use that word as our key word to get to the next center.
Social: Share and tell is each Tuesday and Wednesday. Bring your favorite toy or something from home to share. Also our ME POSTERS will go home for parents to fill out so children can hang and share.
Also, apple tasting. Charting the likes and dislikes of the 5 different apples and hearing a story about the star.
Creative: Alligators, aardvarks, ants, apple painting and much more.
Week 4: September13-17
Cognitive: Letter Bb, writing, search, sounds, words, and sign language. Spanish counting to 20 begins and simple words.
Math: Number 6-10 counting and writing. Counting out bears, beads, and buttons
Social: Teddy bear/ baby doll, or batman picnic. Bring your favorite of one of them to snack each day this week. Share and tell also
Creative: Teddy bears, balls, bats, bees, bots, and butterflies
Science: The life of a butterfly…from caterpillar to butterfly. Stories, movies, and art to go with this science unit.
Physical: Teddy bear dancing, bubble blowing art, and outdoor bike fun.
Week 5: September 20-24
Cognitive: Letter Cc, writing, search, sounds, words, and sign language. Spanish continues and c words on board for sounding out.
Math: COUNTING, COUNTING AND MORE COUNTING. Cats, caterpillars, and cookies
Social: where is my cat? Learning about different cats, different species, and the life of a cat.
Creative: Cats, cookie art, caterpillars, and creative art centers
Science: Cats and caterpillars.
Week 6: September 27-Oct 1
Cognitive: Letter Dd, writing, search, sounds, and words. Circle time review and letters A-D reintroduced.
Math: Dinosaur bone search in the sand table. Finding dino bones, counting and matching
Dino art, dino centers, and dino bone sand table.