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Pre-K January Curriculum

Welcome to 2021! We have so much planned for the next few months to help prepare your child for Kindergarten. We will be sending home weekly spiral learning sheets along with first time readers, site words, and prep work to do at home. They will go home in the next week or so.
This month we are focusing on RHYME. This means identifying with sound, site, and speech. We will be using the 5 senses to solidify the concept. Each day we will introduce several Nursery Rhymes and our children will be using their 5 senses to identify the concepts within the rhyme. This opens the door in learning to several levels of comprehension.
We also will be nurturing the developmental levels of social, emotional, and creative growth by acting them out, placing them in front of the group with flannel, and understanding the concept or moral behind the rhyme or fable.
Writing will continue along with copying our site words, color words, and group team work.
Science will be introduced in small groups to help encourage them to work together, come up with solutions and create ideas. Science, Math, and Literacy will be centers each day along with craft time that will be offered during their play or quiet time. Our Art Center will be open for them each day to explore free art.
Here are the focuses each week:
Week 1: letter K, L, M, N review
Teen Numbers 10-20 (corresponding and recognition)
Nursery Rhymes (flannels, acting out, reading on big screen, and changing words)
Jack Hartman Rhyming songs and dancing
NR crafts
Sentence building (with picture cards)
Reading centers: beginning to identify AT in all words.
Writing words, site words, and letters
Computer Center open in Reading room for abcya, practicing log in, and game fun each day.
1. Please keep spiral in their bookbag so we can add more to it each week when they receive
2. Share and tell each Tues. and Weds.
3. No school on January 18 for holiday and cleaning day
4. SNOW DAYS will be notified by REMIND text and email if they occur
5. office hours for Ms. Gina are Mon, Tue, Wed, and Friday 12-1:15