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January 2021
3’s and 4’s curriculum

Happy New Year! Hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday season and stayed healthy!!

This month we will continue with the alphabet, name writing,sign language and we will start our unit on Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales. Also winter and hibernating animals. Color is blue, shape is diamond.
Show and tell is every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Please label coats/ hats and snacks separately from lunches! Thank you!!

Week 1: 1/4-1/8: Letter Kk week. Humpty Dumpty, old woman in the shoe and twinkle twinkle little star will be our Nursery rhymes for the week. Our Fairy tale will be Goldilocks and the three bears. We will make some fake snow to play with for science. Crafts will include Humpty Dumpty, pretzel/ marshmallow snowflakes and snow people!

Week 2: 1/11-1/15: Letter Ll this week. Nursery rhymes will be Little Jack Horner, old Macdonald and Itsy bitsy spider. The three little pigs will be our Fairy tale. We will be making cardinals and snowstorms with a potato masher!

Week 3: 1/18-1/22: we are closed Monday the 18th. Letter Mm this week. Nursery rhymes include 3 little kittens, little miss muffet, hey diddle diddle and Jack/ Mickey and the beanstalk for fairy tales. We will be planting some beans for science! Fun with dot painting mittens , miss muffet puppets, mustaches and kitten art!

Week 4: 1/25-29: letter Nn week. We will be reading and acting out The three Billy goats gruff!
We will have some troll art to go with it. Hickory dickory dock with clock art, wheels on the bus and baa baa black sheep.