Miss Gina's Preschool


Class Schedules:

8:00 am – 12:00 pm (AM only class)

12:15 pm – 3:00 pm (PM only class)

8:00 am – 3:00 pm (All Day class)

Reading Bags

Student of the Day


WELCOME to a new year of Pre-Kindergarten.  WE have 3 classes of Pre-k.  One greenbirds class, redbirds, and bluebirds.  The teachers are Ms. Sarah K., Ms G., Ms. Brenda, and Ms. Gina.   WE rotate our rooms according to the subject.  We will have a MATH, READING, CRAFT, AND circle time center each day.  Your children will have all of us as their teachers.  Their main class will be one of the colored rooms above.  After a few months of school we will then developmentally place your child in the center group that most fits their learning needs or strengths.  This is what we do daily:

  1.  CIRCLE TIME:  our subject or letter discussed and stories, puppets, songs, frolics, and other teaching tools will be used to reinforce the letter and help solidify the concept.  WE will do sign language, Spanish, and ABC each day along with the pledge and warm up songs.
  2. CRAFT CENTER:  A craft will also be used to correlate with the letter or theme.
  3. MATH:  number corresponding, recognition, and other developmentally appropriate games.
  4. READING:  Phonetics and whole language used to teach the site and sound.  Writing the letter in this center in our JOURNALS each week. Weekly Readers each week as well.

Our center bases their curriculum on the 5 areas of development and so does our focus on each child.  The physical, creative, emotional, cognitive, and social child.


Notes:  Workbook will always stay here until Parent review.  Share and tell is always Wednesday and Thursday each week.  Student of the day will begin in October or late September.  Please bring a family picture for our family classroom tree to hang.  A copy of one is fine.


October 30-November 3

Letter Ii, Vowel, Writing and Indian/Pilgrim Units begin. Children pick parts for their Thanksgiving play and begin costumes.  Centers as usual.  Centers will become more individualized.  Children should be at the point of knowing the following:

  • Letters that we have worked on thus far and their sounds
  • Numbers from 1-10
  • writing their names or beginning to finalize the formation

(Please work on these three areas if your child has not reached these 3 goals)

November 6-10  NO SCHOOL ON TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7 unless you have signed up for Childcare

Letter Jj, sounds and search.  Indian and Pilgrim unit continues.  What are we thankful for?  Placemats made on what we are thankful for.  Practice letter writing and concepts:  in/out and begin opposites.

November 13-17

Letter Kk, sounds and search.  Unit continues on first voyage.  Opposite continues and Kangaroo math.  Putting numbers from 1-10 in order.  Bluebirds or other higher math achievers will continue on higher math levels.  Same with reading and letter/recognition


November 20-21 REVIEW

No school on 22, 23, 24.  Open for childcare only on 22.

November 27-December 1

Letter Ll, sounds and search.  Christmas unit begins and classrooms become elf centers.  Live, laugh, and love.  Making special thoughts for our families.

DECEMBER WILL BE ALL REVIEW FROM THE LAST 3 MONTHS OF PRESCHOOL.  Books, bags, and other learning materials will be distributed for children at the end of the term for practice over break.