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Class Schedules:

9:00 am – 11:30 am (AM only class)

12:15 pm – 2:45pm (PM only class)

8:00 am – 3:00 pm (All Day class)

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October 2017 curriculum 3’s and 4’s

Our themes this month are Fall, Harvest, Halloween, nocturnal animals and pretend vs real. Our shape of the month is a square and our colors are black and orange. We will continue with our alphabet, sign language, and begin letter writing and name writing daily. Share and tell is every Wednesday and Thursday . Please encourage your child to bring something from home to share.

Week 1: 10/2 -10/6: letter Ee week.
We will learn about elephants and do some size comparison between elephants and other animals and each other. We will do some egg science! We will start our unit on Halloween with art and stories!

Week 2: 10/9-10/13: letter Ff week. We are closed for preschool on Friday the 13th but open for child care. If you need childcare please call the school or send a note in your child’s folder ASAP. We want to make sure we have enough staff on hand. Thank you!
This week we will learn about frogs and flies. We will make Frankensteins and talk about real vs pretend with Halloween approaching so fast. Also more fun Halloween art with vampires and mummies!

Week 3: 10/16-10/20: this week is letter Gg week. Continuing Halloween fun with ghost and ghoul art!
Also gum balls, grapes and gorillas. We are going to work on beginning name writing on dry erase boards this week.

Week 4: 10/23-10/27: letter Hh week. We will look at the difference between a pumpkin and a jack – o – lantern. Some science/math this week with real pumpkins looking at the inside and touching them and comparing sizes and shapes.
Our Halloween parties will be this week . A letter will be coming home with details.

Children are adjusting well. We will begin doing more structured centers this month. We are cutting more frequently this month and writing more, developing those fine motor skills. I will start doing beginning of the year assessments toward the end of the month and you will get progress reports home before Christmas break. If you have any questions in the mean time please feel free to contact me at school.