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November 2018 3’s and 4’s curriculum

Week 1: Nov. 5-9:
We will be introducing our Thanksgiving unit. We will talk about being Thankful and grateful and what that means. We will also be talking about kindness and how we can be kind to others . We will begin talking about the pilgrims and Indians and what life was like for them. This is letter Ii week. We will have some fun letter i art such as igloos, iguanas and Indian corn 🌽. We are closed for preschool on Tuesday the 6th but open for childcare. You must have signed up in order to attend this day.

Week 2: Nov.12-16: This week we will look at letter Jj. We will continue to trace,write and learn sign language for each letter! We will continue our Thanksgiving unit and learning about nature this week. Art this week turkeys and Fall leaves.
We will also be learning some fun songs so please ask your children about them!

Week 3: Nov.19-23: This week we will not introduce a new letter since it is such a short week. We are closed for preschool Wednesday but open for childcare. Please contact the school if you need childcare.
This week we celebrate Thanksgiving with our trail mix days! Our celebrations will be on the 19th and 20th. We will be asking each child to donate something to add to the trail mix just like the pilgrims and Indians all brought things to their feast. A note will come home in their book bag the first week of November. You may send your donation in anytime you like.

Week 4: Nov.26-30: This week we will introduce letter Kk. We will finish up our unit on Thanksgiving / Fall. We will continue with our kindness unit this week since it starts with k! We will review all letters from this month and sign language. Art this week is Fall wreaths, kites and koalas.

Have a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!🦃 We want you to know we feel very blessed to have all of your children in our school! We truly love them!

Please remember label your children’s belongings! They often forget what shoes they wore or what coat they wore so it is very helpful! Thank you!!
Share and tell is Tuesday and Wednesday every week! They can also bring one on childcare days.