Miss Gina's Preschool

Hello Families of School year 2020-2021,
Hope this email finds you all well and you are enjoying this beautiful summer. WE have been doing amazing at MGP and all is running smoothly with healthy children and a safe and running school.
Cuyahoga Falls schools have not yet made a decision on what the details are yet for the SCHOOLAGE students. That leaves us still waiting on ODJFS with the new laws and regulations for our upcoming school year as well. WE are still not sure if half day preschool will be permissible if schools are not allowing school days. However, if you are signed up FOR ALL DAY school there is no changes that will be made for your child.
WE are not setting up an open house date as of yet because of the by-laws we are waiting on. What is permissible with visitation etc… WE may just have an entire weekend (Saturday morning and Sunday morning) for families to come and meet the teachers and see the building with staggered times. Our plans for the Carnival are on hold at this time.
I have attached the paperwork needed for FALL 2020-2021. If you are a CURRENT SUMMER family then NO PAPERWORK is needed. However, all new families will need all the papers attached as well as a current medical/exam from your childs pediatrician. (The admin and care plan are for children with any medical conditions, medicine, allergies, or special diets.)
WE have moved our beginning date to MONDAY, AUGUST 31ST FOR PRESCHOOL/PRE-K. If you need your child to begin prior to that date because of your scheduling, please notify us. WE will be sending you an early payment plan if you wish to participate with that and it will have your commitment for monthly installments or daily charges.
Lastly, since we are waiting on COVID policies for our school, there will be a sheet for parents to sign with the private email for your first installment. Those will go out before August 1.
1. ALL paperwork turned in before school begins. Can be dropped off in box outside building door. With exception of medical which you have 30 days after your child is enrolled.
2. COVID paperwork signed and initialed.
3. First day of school: Labeled with name/ Ziplock bag with one box of crayons, 8 markers or more, 4 glue sticks, and one expo marker. Also, our yearly supplies (2 rolls of papertowels, 1 box kleenex, 1 box of 5 ounce dixie cups (no more use of drinking fountain), 1 box of baby wipes or lysol wipes, and 1 can of lysol spray or generic type.)

ALL THIS WILL BE POSTED on our website for referral. Please call with any questions or if you have changed your mind on your enrollment for this upcoming year. Like I have mentioned, the all day programs are not at risk in changing at all. The half day programs may have changes. You will be given an option for all day preschool/pre-k if you wish and that is eliminated.
Thank you for all your support and understanding during this uncertain time. WE hope you enjoy the remaining days of this blessed summer.